Fire Protection of Steel Structures - Acceptable & Alternative Solutions (course)

Fire Protection of Steel Structures - Acceptable & Alternative Solutions (course)

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Duration: 1h - 40 min

This webinar overviews how steel construction is used with respect to the fire safety requirements of Building Codes. In complying with the Building Code, a design professional has the choice to carry-out an “acceptable solution” as per the provisions in Part 3 of the Code that requires fire rated construction with ULC listed designs determined from ULC S101 fire tests, or an “alternative solution” that provides an opportunity for design professionals to apply engineered solutions and use advanced calculation techniques such as computer fire modeling.  Slides will illustrate “acceptable” fire safe designs where the steel structure is expressed in the architectural design (utilizing intumescent coatings and HSS concrete-filling) or where the steel structure is covered (with spray-applied fire resistive materials, rigid boards and concrete-encasement). The second part of the webinar will illustrate the “alternative”, performance-based approach where the design professional conducts structural fire protection engineering where some steel components in the building structure are designed to be unprotected or with a significant reduction in fire protection materials.  Research outcomes of full-scale building fire tests and guidance publications along with building code and steel standard procedures (e.g., CSA S19 Annex K) will be overviewed. The option to pursue an “alternative” solution has set the stage for more fire safety design of buildings by aiding both the authorities who approve building designs and the practitioners who are plying the relatively new approaches to structural fire protection engineering.

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