Steel-Framed Commercial Building Design

Steel-Framed Commercial Building Design

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Steel-Framed Commercial Building Design

Illustrates the design of a six-storey commercial building, including common structural steel components used in floor and roof framing such as composite girders and open-web steel joists. Consisting of five framed floors and a penthouse, the 26.2-m example building features a central core framed on all sides with braced frames. The lateral load-resisting system is designed for both wind loads (based on the Static Procedure), and seismic loads (Conventional Construction, based on the Equivalent Static Force Procedure). Calculations also include notional loads, second-order (P-Delta) effects, inter-storey drift and floor vibrations. This CISC Design Module is intended to be used in conjunction with CSA Standard S16-14 and the National Building Code of Canada 2015.

Publisher: Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

2022 1st edition, second printing

ISBN 978-0-88811-247-7

92 pages


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