Steel EPDs & Carbon Calculator

CISC/CSSBI industry average steel EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration). 


The EPDs are provided in a DRM protected view only format for validation purposes only. The files will require a special viewer with license key. The viewer will only be usable on a PC computer. After your order you will receive an email to assign your seat (assign your license). Please follow the steps in the ReadMe file (included in the .zip file) in the order presented.

The provided EPDs are not to be used for LEED projects. The CISC/CSSBI steel fabricators and manufacturer's that participated in the LCA and EPD development are the only companies authorized to use CISC and CSSBI EPDs for LEED projects. For the list of companies that participated in the EPD program refer to CISC/CSSBI member directory at


Download the EXCEL CISC Steel Carbon Calculator and simplify your carbon calculations and compliance. Includes Canadian industry averages and the option to input your own mill location specific values. Can also be used for embodied carbon compliance reporting.

When calculating embodied carbon, for your Canadian project, use the trusted data source.



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