Industrial Steel Structures, 2nd Edition

Industrial Steel Structures, 2nd Edition

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Industrial Steel Structures, 2nd Edition, illustrates the design of a typical mill building carrying two 40-tonne cranes. The example frame consists of stepped columns with a 24-m-span Pratt truss supporting the roof and lateral loads. Structural design aspects include basic load calculation, support for cladding, crane runway beam design, building analysis model and seismic analysis, roof truss, stepped columns and column base connection.

Other chapters in the module cover code provisions, design standards, toughness and temperature, coatings, roofing systems, roof framing, rehabilitation and upgrading, and boiler support structures. The publication is based on the National Building Code of Canada (NBC 2015) and CSA Standard S16:19 (Design of steel structures).

Publisher: Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

Author(s): R.A. MacCrimmon and J. Richard

2022 2nd edition

ISBN 978-0-88811-260-6

210 pages


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