CSSBI 12M-24, Standard for Composite Steel Deck

CSSBI 12M-24, Standard for Composite Steel Deck

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1.1     This Standard covers the limit states design, fabrication, and erection of composite steel deck in its application as a form for concrete. Criteria for the testing and limit states design of composite slabs incorporating composite steel deck as positive moment reinforcement are contained in CSSBI publications S2 Criteria for the Testing of Composite Slabs and S3 Criteria for the Design of Composite Slabs respectively.


1.2      This Standard applies to composite steel deck sections which have:

a) a nominal depth not greater than 77 mm;

b) a nominal flute spacing not greater than 406 mm; and

c) side laps to interconnect adjacent units.


1.3      This Standard does not apply to other types of concrete forming such as steel pans, v-rib or slab form profiles.


Publication Date: June 2024

ISBN: 978-0-88811-277-4

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