Limit States Design in Structural Steel, 11th Edition, 2021

Limit States Design in Structural Steel, 11th Edition, 2021

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This book serves as a complete teaching text for universities and technical colleges, and also as a valuable reference for practicing engineers. It explains the philosophy and practical applications of limit states design procedures and provides comments on design requirements in CSA S16:19. Comprising 11 chapters, the book covers: types and grades of structural steel, tension members, columns, beams, composite construction, plate girders, beam-columns, bolted and welded connections, building design and fatigue behaviour.

 Updates in the 11th edition:

  • Changes to load combinations for serviceability limit states in the National Building Code of Canada 2020 have been incorporated.
  • Adjustments to the section properties and the prevalent use of American grade steel reflect changes in the industry and the Handbook of Steel Construction.
  • Material on pin-connected members, eyebars and cables in Chapter 3 has been expanded
  • The concept of compound buckling has been introduced in Chapter 4 on compression members.
  • Chapter 5 has been modified to deal with loads applied away from a beam's shear centre.
  • The behaviour of bearing stiffeners has been clarified, and new provisions for combined shear and bending in S16:19 have been introduced in Chapter 7.
  • Chapter 9 reflects changes in S16:19 for slip-critical bolted connections and changes in W59-18 for welded joints.
  • The example design of a framed building in Chapter 10 has been updated.

Publisher: Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

Author(s): G.L. Kulak and G.Y. Grondin

ISBN 978-0-88811-243-9

456 pages


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