Digital 5 Year Subscription License - Single Storey Building Design, 1st edition

Digital 5 Year Subscription License - Single Storey Building Design, 1st edition

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Single Storey Building Design - Digital version

Five Year Digital Bundle Subscription License

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A Windows 10, or higher, digital bundle of the Single Storey Building Design publication.

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Includes digital versions of:

Digital subscription of Single Storey Building Design

Single-Storey Building Design reviews the major design parameters and techniques for producing a functional and efficient design of a storage/light industrial building enclosure using structural steel and steel roof deck. The model selected includes a one-storey office building section, a common appendage to a storage/light industrial building, thereby introducing considerations such as a fire separation between the two occupancies. The structure is designed in accordance with the National Building Code of Canada (2015) and CSA S16-14.

Publisher: Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

ISBN 978-0-88811-242-2

134 pages

Digital DRM Subscription read only limited license version (refer to Terms and Conditions for more information).

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