Straight Steel Girder Bridges, 2nd Edition

Straight Steel Girder Bridges, 2nd Edition

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This publication illustrates the design of composite, continuous multi-span steel bridges following a straight roadway alignment. The module includes detailed calculations of a 3-span plate girder bridge and a 2-span box girder bridge. Structural design aspects covered in the examples include section properties, slab reinforcement, slab casting sequence, moment resistance before and after composite action, shear resistance, cross-frame forces, control of cracking, camber, superstructure vibrations, fatigue, wind and seismic loads, and field splice design. This publication is based on CSA Standard S6:19, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code. Structural steel plates conform to CSA G40.21 grades 350A and 350AT.

Publisher: Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

ISBN 978-0-88811-250-7

182 pages


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