Canadian Structural Section Tables - SST12 (Electronic Version)

Canadian Structural Section Tables - SST12 (Electronic Version)

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The only original & trusted steel sections database for the Canadian market. Beware of copies.

Product format: Excel (download)

The CISC SST12 Excel database contains the North American structural steel sections extracted from the CISC Handbook of Steel Construction, 12th Edition. All dimensions and section properties are given in Metric units, with the exception of the section designation, nominal depth and nominal mass, which are given in both Metric and Imperial units. The following steel shapes are included: W, HP, M, S, C, MC, L, WT, HSS (square, rectangular and round; CSA G40.20 and ASTM A500), 2L (equal legs, long legs and short legs back-to-back). Commonly used and readily available W-shape sizes are highlighted in yellow colour. The database has been updated with the addition of new "jumbo" HSS and new section properties in CSA S16:19 such as the non-symmetry factor for unequal-leg angles.

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