Weld Design for HSS Connections

Weld Design for HSS Connections

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On-line Webinar - 0.1 CEU

Duration: 45 min

Presenter:   Dr. Kyle Tousignant


Course Description/Overview

This module covers the design of structural welds used in HSS connections. A detailed Table of Contents is as follows.


Table of Contents

 1. Introduction to HSS Connections

a. Review of HSS Connection Terminology

b. Review of HSS Connection Limit States (per CSA S16 Clause 21.13)


2. Weld Design for HSS Connections

a. Acceptable Design Approaches (per CSA S16 Clause

i. “Fit-for-Purpose” Approach (Clause (which may refer to CSA W59:23

in the forthcoming edition)

ii. Design for the Branch Resistance (Clause

b. Advantages and Limitations of Each Approach


3. Research

a. Background and Overview of Research (on Weld Design for HSS Connections) 

b. Reflection of the Above Research in Design Codes 


4. Design Rules in Canada

a. Information for Designers

b. Interpretation of CSA S16/W59 Requirements for Welds in HSS Connections

i. Clauses and of CSA S16 

ii. Chapter 4 and Table 11.2 of the forthcoming edition of CSA W59 

c. Design Rules [which may be reflected in the forthcoming edition of CSA W59]

i. Transverse Plate-to-RHS T- and X-connections (under branch axial load)

ii. RHS-to-RHS T-, Y-, and X-connections (under branch axial load or bending)

iii. RHS-to-RHS Gapped K-connections (under branch axial load)

iv. RHS-to-RHS Overlapped K-connections (under branch axial load)

v. Transverse Plate-to-CHS T- and X-connections (under branch axial load)

vi. CHS-to-CHS T-, Y-, and X-connections (under branch axial load or bending)


5. Design Examples - Comparison of Accepted Design Approaches

i. RHS-to-RHS Gapped K-Connection

ii. CHS-to-CHS T-Connection – with applied axial and moment

iii. RHS-to-RHS Overlapped K-Connection

iv. Other special situations

6. Detailing

a. Detailing Considerations for Welds to RHS

b. Detailing Considerations for Welds to CHS

c. Case Study on Detailing for RHS Connections 


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