Single Storey Steel Building Design Course

3 Sessions

This course is delivered in 3 sessions (15 modules) and is intended to provide understanding on design theory and the rationale behind code provisions as well as the application of specific Code formulae and requirements for the design of a single storey steel building. It will focus on practical and economical solutions for framing a single storey warehouse building with attached office area to the requirements of the 2020 National Building Code of Canada and the pertinent provisions of CSA Standard S16-19. Practical steel framing concepts and integration with architectural and mechanical features will be discussed.

This course has the following goals:

  • Calculation of gravity loads, including ponding and snow loads
  • Determining snow drifting at roof steps and roof obstructions
  • Companion load combinations for Ultimate Limit States and Serviceability Limit States
  • Identifying wind loads on structural members, and the building as a whole
  • Calculating seismic loads from project specific information
  • Selection of deck and joist systems
  • Design of Gerber girders
  • Selection of interior columns, and design of base plates
  • Checks for combined bending and axial loads in girts, and wind columns
  • Base plate and anchor rods checks for braced bays
  • Selection and design of braced frames and roof diaphragm
  • Determination of notional loads, and P-delta effects
  • Evaluate braced bay deflections under lateral loads
  • Discuss fire resistance rating issues, and fabrication issues
  • Review economics in structural steel solutions

Other topics include constrained-axis torsional buckling for w-columns, lateral bracing of cantilevering beams, and bearing stiffeners.

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